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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"Today was my first day spraying temprid after spraying down the upholstery with bedham for bedbugs. I live in a one bedroom appt. I could not believe all the bedbugs that were in the crevices. I like that temprid fx kills on contact. I had so much anxiety with this project, scared to go to sleep, and when I did go to sleep, I always felt that I did not get enough rest. Getting bit was horrible, so horrible!! I'm so glad I bought bedbug # 2 kit, it's more than enough for the 2nd phase. I'm determined to get the job done. Also, I'm so glad I can count on DoMyOwn to pull me through."

Vallejo, Ca


"Just applied our first Pest Box subscription order and couldn't be more pleased. Easy to order, clear directions, plenty of solution, and way more economical than the service we had. Like being able to do it on my schedule and under ideal conditions of no wind and rain. Plan on keeping this."

Racine, WI


"Re: Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester I have been trying to rid my back yard of "creeping Charlie" for about 30yrs. I tried all kinds of chemicals that not only killed the creeping Charlie temporarily but also killed the grass. I asked a number of landscaper type people with no response and no results. I saw a "YouTube" video of a guy the used this product and he showed the before yard and after yard results of using this product. I bought the product and tried it and it worked as was shown by the person who posted the YouTube video. I was delightfully surprised how well the Triclopyr Ester worked on one application. Well worth the money spent on this product. The grass was not damaged."

Wheaton, IL


"I've owned, "Guardian Pest Elimination," in Tyler Texas for 40+ yrs. I've tried to use local suppliers as much as I possibly can because I am a small business that supports other small businesses. One of my suppliers has recently gone out of business, and the main one has raised prices to where I'm forced to look online. "Do My Own," has the right prices, and the products, I'm accustomed to. Aside from having to plan ahead a bit and order from them, (even though I pay sales tax ... I'm exempt from local vendors), they are top notch! Wether you are a civilian trying to 'crack' a bug problem on your own, or, veteran with 40+ years in the industry, DMO, HAS YOUR BACK! Thanks for standing in the gap for the small business!"

Tyler, Texas


"About 10 years ago when I lived in one of the southern states I happed to have termite issues in my house, I bought some Termidor and problem was solved thanks to DoMyOwn. Fast forward to 2023 and while living in Pacific Northwest I encountered rodent problems around the house this time. Thanks to DoMyOwn I got Bait stations and everything I need to deal with the issue. Products arrived in 4 days so the shipping is really fast. I would highly recommend DoMyOwn to any DYI homeowners, great company!"

Orting, Wa