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The Wood-Boring Beetle Prevention Guide

How to Prevent Wood-Boring Beetles from Damaging Your Home

By DoMyOwn staff
Image showing a woodworm eating wood

Wood-boring beetles are pests that, while beneficial to forests as they eat weak trees and encourage new growth, can cause damage to homes, commercial buildings, and furniture. The larvae, known as woodworms, can cause undetected damage as they slowly eat their way through lumber.

The best way to contain a wood-boring beetle infestation is to prevent it from occurring. Use this guide to learn how to prevent wood-boring beetles from entering and damaging your home.

Already have wood-boring beetles? Read our guide on how to get rid of wood-boring beetles to learn how to treat the infestation.

Step 1

Inspect Wood Before It Enters the Home

Image of a man inspecting lumber

Wood-boring beetles can unknowingly be brought into the home in firewood, wooden boards, or furniture. Be sure to inspect any new wood brought into the home for emergence holes. If the wood does have emergence holes, remove the wood from the home.

Firewood should be stored away from the home until needed. Use kiln dried firewood and heat-treated lumber if possible.

Step 2

Treat Unfinished Wood

Image of a man sealing wood with a paint brush

If you are worried about bringing wood-boring beetles into a building through new wood, you can treat the wood with a borate-based product. Borate, the active ingredient in Bora-Care and Tim-bor, will penetrate the wood, killing woodworms as they eat the chemical.

See step 2 in our how to get rid of wood-boring beetles guide for more information on mixing and applying borate-based products to wood.

Products needed for Step 2

Step 3

Reduce Moisture in the Home

Image of an air conditioning unit

Wood-boring beetles and woodworms are attracted to moisture. The central air in most buildings will regulate the air enough to combat moisture in most cases, but if you do have areas of the home that are hot and humid, take steps to regulate the moisture.

  • Make sure the humid area is properly ventilated
  • Remove any dripping or leaking water from the area
  • Use a dehumidifier if needed to remove excess moisture from the room

We hope you have found this guide helpful. If you are unsure if you have wood-boring beetles, read our guide on what wood-boring beetles look like. Where do wood-boring beetles hide will further explore where the pests can be found in the home. And how to get rid of wood-boring beetles will cover the treatment steps to remove wood-boring beetles from your home.

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