ThermaCELL All - Purpose Swivel Light (LED AP)


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ThermaCELL All - Purpose Swivel Light (LED AP)
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The ThermaCELL All-Purpose Swivel Light (LED AP) is designed to equip all full-size ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances. It provides light for your exciting outdoor activities all along dark places or during the night. The device features a 15-foot beam, and it produces either white or green lights, one color at a time. It has 4 green LEDs and 4 white LEDS. The unit can be also clipped on hat, or used with an adaptor to establish a reliable light. Also, it easily swivels for effective illumination. The All-Purpose Swivel Lightin cludes a clip attachment and two CR-2032 Lithium batteries.

Note: Comes in 1 year warranty against factory defects.

Attaching to ThermaCELL Appliance:
1. Make sure appliance is OFF.
2. Insert base of All-Purpose Swivel Light above (or on inside of) your Appliance’s grill.

Attaching to Other Objects:
1. Slide base of All-Purpose Swivel Light into open slot on top of Clip Attachment. You will hear a click when securely attached.
2. Secure Clip Attachment to you hat, belt, or other object.

All-Purpose Swivel Light Adjustment
If head on ThermaCELL All-Purpose Swivel Light becomes loose (does not stay in place), please turn hinge screw for desired tightness. For location of hinge screw, see light illustration in "Package Contents”.

All-Purpose Swivel Light Operation:
Slide power switch located on side of light UP for white light (4 LEDs) and DOWN for green light (4 LEDs). This light operates in white OR green light; white and green lights cannot be illuminated at same time.

Battery Installation/Replacement:
1. Locate battery cover on bottom of light.
2. Remove clear plastic insert from battery  compartment (only for first time use).
3. Press firmly and slide battery cover open.
4. Place one battery on each side with open  battery compartment facing you. Left side: positive (+) up; Right side: negative (-) up.
5. Replace battery cover by sliding until secure.

Note: Please see ThermaCELL All-Purpose Swivel Light Instructions for Illustrations on Appliance attachment.

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