ThermaCELL Appliance Holster Accessory with Clip (MR HJ)


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ThermaCELL Appliance Holster Accessory with Clip (MR HJ) holster clip $14.99
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ThermaCELL Appliance Holster Accessory with Clip (MR HJ)
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The ThermaCELL Appliance Holster Accessory with Clip (MR HJ) is designed to equip all full-size ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliances. It securely holds the device during your exciting outdoor activities. The holster features side pockets for butane cartridges and mats. Its elastic closure will prevent noisy snaps. At the back of the holster is a flexible clip that rotates up to 360 degrees. The clip allows the device to be attached on lawn chairs, tree strands, branches, fences or packs.

Appliance sold separately.


  • Check butane level in your Appliance. Insert new cartridge if needed.
  • Slide narrow end of Appliance into the very bottom of Holster sleeve. 
  • Pull “hood” of Holster up over wide end of Appliance. Ensure that Holster is not covering the grill. 
  • Line up the round hole on the hood with the Appliance’s ignition viewing light. On Appliance model with On/Off turn dial, top foot on back of Appliance will fit into Holster eyelet. 
  • Insert new mat if needed. Insert spare cartridge and mats in Holster side pouches if desired. To insert cartridge, grasp tab on pouch and pull open. 
  • To change butane cartridge, take Appliance out of Holster. Refer to Appliance or refill box for refill replacement instructions. 
  • Attach Appliance to objects using clip on back of Holster or by running a lanyard (not included) through loops above side pouches.

Proper Use of Holster and Appliance: 

  • Keep your Appliance in the OFF position during transport. 
  • Appliance works best when attached to a flat, stable surface with grill facing up.
  • Make sure Holster is not covering up vents on Appliance back. Appliances need airflow from vents to work properly. 
  • DO NOT let Holster cover any part of Appliance grill. The grill gets HOT quickly.

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