Thermal Fogging

Thermal foggers use heat to disperse a large amount of chemical into a room or structure quickly and efficiently. The fogger heats the chemical, creating a large amount of fog without diluting the active ingredient in the chemical. Thermal foggers can be used in a variety of locations and scenarios, including mosquito control. 

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A professional fogging insecticide that contains 3% pyrethrins and 6% PBO for fast control of even the toughest insect infestation.
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A professional oil based insecticide for ULV fogging, thermal, propane and heat foggers in commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications.

Using a Thermal Fogger

  • There are different types of fogging machines, like ULV machines or propane foggers, and they may all require a certain type of fogging fluid. However, many fogging concentrates can be used in multiple types of fog machines.
  • Fogging is great for cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, ticks and a variety of other household pests, because the fog can reach all the cracks and crevices. Since the particles are so fine, they remain suspended in the air for a period of time.
  • Mists are different than fogs. Mists have larger particles, which fall from the air more quickly, coating surfaces in the product you sprayed. For this reason, fogging is preferred over misting in food prep, childcare, and other sensitive areas.
  • Thermal fogging can also be done outdoors and is very commonly used for mosquito control. Many fogging concentrates are formulated specifically for mosquitoes but will work for multiple outdoor insects.
  • Safety equipment is crucial for this type of pesticide application. A respirator must be worn in most cases. The label of the product will dictate the minimum amount of personal protective equipment required for that product and must be worn for application.

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