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Gene from 1005 Marigold Lane, Manteca, Ca. 95336 writes

I think my back yard may be infested with ticks, what do you recommend we use?

I have been bitten three times past three years. What can I use? How can I apply? Where in yard? And when should I apply? Thank you


We would recommend using the products in our Outdoor Flea and Tick Kit for outdoor tick control. Both the residual insecticide and IGR in the kit are concentrates that need to be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer, such as a hand pump sprayer or backpack sprayer. Please be sure to review the product labels for complete application instructions.

For tick treatments, treat the entire outdoor lawn and ornamentals where ticks have been found. For ornamental plants, try to treat the entire plants, including the undersides of the leaves. You may want to use a higher volume of water to get more thorough coverage. Treat around rock or brick retaining walls, along pathways, on and around piles of yard debris or other dense foliage, and anywhere pets or wild animals may spend time. Please be sure to keep people and pets out of the area while you make the application and until the treated area is completely dry. Once dry, then it is safe to resume normal activity. Also, please take a moment to review our How to Get Rid of Ticks Guide for more information and helpful tips on eradicating this pest.

Answer last updated on: 02/19/2021

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