Backpack Sprayers

Spraying large yards and homes with a hand-held sprayer can be tiring, which is why the pros use backpack sprayers. Backpack spayers allow you to carry a larger mixture of pesticide or herbicide throughout the yard without having to stop to remix, and relieves the pressure on your arms from carrying a tank. 

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A large 4-gallon capacity backpack sprayer that is designed for heavy-duty spraying jobs with its over-sized filler cap, positionable pump handle, reinforced hose with extended wand and adjustable nozzle and carrying straps.
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Professional heavy-duty backpack sprayer for large spray jobs.
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A professional backpack sprayer for large spraying jobs.
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An adjustable nozzle for several hand-pump and backpack sprayers.
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A replacement lid gasket for Birchmeier backpack sprayers.
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A viton gasket that fits between the spray valve and wand.
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A replacement gasket repair kit for Birchmeier backpack sprayer pumps and tanks.
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A backpack sprayer handle that is a black plastic and is the handle for the spray valve.
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A replacement 4 foot hose for backpack sprayers.
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Backpack sprayer featuring ergonomically-shaped tank and new pump lever system to provide a reliable application of pesticide, herbicides, biological agents, and other plant protection products in your garden.
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No noise, no emission and no need to fill with fuel or manual prime a pump with the Solo 416-Li backpack battery pressure sprayer.
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A complete spray valve replacement and repair kit for Birchmeier Flox 2.5 gallon and Iris 4-gallon backpack sprayers.
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A replacement filter screen for Birchmeier wand handle sprayers.
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A professional gas powered backpack sprayer that is used for applying herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides with a conical spray pattern.
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An aluminum extension tube for hand-pump and backpack sprayers that extends up to 1 to 2 meters.
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A 4-gallon sprayer is specially designed for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and watering application.
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A unique 3 in 1 fogger, mist blower, and sprayer.
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Effectively handles disinfectants, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and formulations to make every application easier,
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Replacement shoulder straps for Birchmeier sprayers
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A professional backpack sprayer made with heavy-duty parts and high-quality materials to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting.
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A replacement lid assembly for Birchmeier backpack sprayers.
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A replacement nozzle for Birchmeier models Flox, Senior, Iris, and Profi Star 5.
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Replacement part for FlowZone Cyclone 2V Variable Pressure Sprayers - Series 2.
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A versatile and ergonomic backpack sprayer that provides electronic control and real work comfort.

The Best Backpack Sprayers on the Market

A good backpack sprayer can save you a lot of time and hassle when spraying your property for pests. It is our goal to only provide you with the best pest control products on the market today, and this includes backpack sprayers.

Backpack sprayers are nice because they allow you to carry more pesticides, herbicides, and even wood stain, around at a time. Because they are properly supported with padded backing and straps, it’s actually very comfortable to carry around a few gallons of chemicals, even if you’re treating larger lawn and garden areas. Many people like to use them when spraying weeds because you have to spray each weed individually, and it can get tiresome if you have a lot of them to kill. 

Make sure to use our professional weed killers for best results.

Our Backpack Sprayers Make Spraying Easier

We test our backpack sprayers, and all our sprayers, to ensure their quality and performance so that you really get a product that makes your job easier.

We carry the following professional backpack sprayer brands:

• Chapin
• Birchmeier
• B&G
• Fastpac

Pump vs. Electric

The pump backpack sprayers are popular because they cost less and they are very easy to operate. The pump lever is conveniently placed on your side, making it easy to recharge the air pressure as needed. Electric power backpack sprayers make the job a little easier since you don’t have to do any pumping. Those usually come with a 12v rechargeable battery that will provide about 2-3 hours of operation on each charge. 

We carry both electric (battery operated) and pump backpack units.


If you’re looking to read a particular backpack sprayer review, we have several you can read on our Chapin, Birchmeier, B&G, and Fastpac backpack sprayers. If you need more information about any backpack sprayer, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

Using Backpack Sprayers for Wood Staining

Did you also know that you can use our backpack sprayers to stain your fence, deck, and other wood structures? As long as you clean it out with some kind of paint thinner when you are finished, you can easily use a backpack sprayer for staining.

Disclaimer: Using backpack sprayers to apply wood stain may not be covered in the product warranty and users who choose to use them for that will be doing so at their own risk.

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