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    Iguana Trap

    By William on 09/15/2023

    I read reviews and saw videos online of other purchasers of this Tomahawk Repeating Model 451 trap. There were mixed reports of actually trapping iguanas. I purchased it on 08-19-23 and it was delivered by FedEx on 08-26-23. No problem there. There was not a single instruction in box so went online and found generic instructions for other traps sold by Tomahawk. I would think Tomahawk would send some basic instructions for best baiting ingredients to catch iguanas and where to position trap for best results and if bottom of cage should be covered with grass or other natural growing items to entice iguanas into cage. I baited trap with everything an iguana likes ( sweet potatoes, mangos, strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe , honeydew melon, apples and blueberries. I tried not putting any grass in bottom of cage and then added grass and placed branch cuttings on top of cage to make it look as natural of setting as possible. I placed fruit trail in front of door leading up to cage and just about everything I could do as a trial and error to entice iguanas to cage. Saw iguanas come out of tree nearby cage but never saw any getting close to cage. I have all sizes of green iguanas in my South Florida yard devouring my summer flowers. The design of trap seems flawed and would be better if door was open and spring loaded to close once iguana steps on spring and enters trap and sets off trap. I do not care about the repeating feature of this trap to supposedly catch several iguanas at a time as they supposedly push open the cage door. I just want to catch one at a time. Seems unlikely an iguana is going to come close to trap if an iguana is already trapped inside and trying to frantically escape. Also the mesh opening is too large (1 inch) to trap and hold the juvenile iguanas that are 3-5 inches long. First of all, these juveniles are too small to push open the gravity door and they do not need to since they can crawl through the 1" mesh from sides of cage and leave same way. I have lot of these juveniles as well but even they never went into trap to get the fruit. Trap has too many flaws in its design to properly and quickly trap green iguanas. I have tried everything and no luck. Maybe the South Florida iguanas are just too wise to enter this trap and prefer to continue to strip all of the zinnia flower leaves, hibiscus leaves and lawn grass. Total failure of a trap!

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