Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards

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Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards
Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.8

49 Reviews | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Trapper MAX FREE is a scent free, non-poisonous, hypoallergenic glue trap from Bell Labs that provides a large catching surface area and maximum holding power to ensure a high capture rate for mice and insects. Trapper Max can be used as a flat glue board trap or folded into a covered tent-like trap to protect the glue from dirt or debris. Provides premium performance and value. Measures 5.5" x 7.5".

Features and Specs

Target pests Mice and Insects
For use in Situations where Poisons or Snap Traps are Prohibited or Discouraged
Residential, Commercial or Industrial Buildings: Indoors in Places not Accessible to Pets and Children
Application Place trap near Baseboards, Corners, along Walls
Used either flat or folded into a covered trap
Pet safe Vegetable oil will dissolve the glue if needed
Should be used in places not readily accessible to pets and children
Dimensions 8.30 in. x 5.30 in.
Material / Construction Disposable Cardboard
Special Features UNSCENTED
Easy-to-Remove Release Paper saves time
Provides the Fastest, Easiest System Compared to other Peel-Off Glue Traps
Extra-Large Glue-Covered Surface
Shipping Weight 0.65 lbs
Manufacturer Bell Labs (Mfg. Number: TX2672)
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    Trapper Max glue board

    By Jim on 05/22/2012

    For many years as a professional pest control operator I used Trapper Glue Boards in my business and since I retired 13 years ago I have used many gross of them for brown recluse spider control in my log cabin. They work well. Also control my sowbugs and mice. My recent order for the "NEW" (but not improved) Trapper glue boards are a disappointment in that they aren't as big as the previous one's, don't lay as flat as the previous one's and don't hold as many insects as the previous one's. In short; I prefer the "origional" trapper glue board over this one.

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    trapper max free mouse glueboards

    By Judy on 07/22/2012

    We love these things...they are so useful! We have had a terrible problem with millipedes this year, so much so that my husband actually had to do some excavating to remove their "honeycombs" near our driveway. In the meantime, we used the trapper max glueboards around our garage doors to trap some of the MILLIONS outside and not let them in.We buy them by the case. It beats sweeping them up with the shop vac every day.

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    Great for Scorpions and other critters! How to Release.....

    By Terry on 03/08/2015

    I have been using these glue boards for several years. We live in a dry desert environment and have scorpions, centipedes, and other creepy crawlers of all kinds. These catch them all. I use the glue boards both in the house and in the garage. Unfortunately, at times, curious lizards will get caught but, you can release them by using Vegetable Oil. I put just enough vegetable oil in a pan to submerge the glueboard; don't drown the lizard. The lizard will work free as the vegetable oil inactivates the glue holding it. Lizards are a luxury around here that help keep many other critters in check. The vegetable oil will also allow you to release other things that get stuck to the board such as your fingers or your dog! This is a great product at a great price!

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    Great Product

    By Ron on 12/29/2014

    Have ordered these before and am more than satisfied. Whether it's field mice in the garage in winter or bugs inthe garage in summer, these glue traps captures them all. Highly recommended.

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    j. williams

    By John on 02/08/2012

    I find trapper max free mouse glueboards,not only very good for mice,but also reallyexcellant for cocroaches and all types of bugs in genral.I;m happy that I found a very good company like "DO MY OWN PEST CONTROL" to do business with they are very prompt about sending out their products to the customer. thank you! john williams

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Questions & Answers

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How does this glueboard compare?

I have used several name brands glue boards and found varying degrees of stickiness. I actually had a mouse leave a body imprint on the board in fur. Not sure how it was able to get away. Anyway, is this stronger than the catchmaster boards that you also sell?

According to Bell Labs, the manufacturer, the Trapper Max glue boards are supposed to be stickier than most other glue boards. The Max in the name indicates the extra stick as opposed to their Trapper LTD glue boards. They should have a little more stick than the catchmasters. Also keep in mind that if a mouse gets away from a glue board, it could be that the glue board was actually not large enough for the rodent that was on it. If the mice are closer to rat size, you may need to increase the size of the glue board used to accommodate this.

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Can the Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards be used to catch rats?

The Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards are for mice only.  They are not large enough to be used for rats. The Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps would be a good option for rats, or we have many other glue traps available here.

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Trapper Max FREE Mouse Glueboards 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.8 (49 Reviews / 2 Q&A)

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