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Dave from Newport Beach Ca writes

Treat upholstered chair for termites

My father passed away and I'm trying to save his favorite chair for my sister. The problem is that it is completly upholstered and I can't get to all the wood structures without ruining it. I tried using Cy-Kick aerosol and drilled small holes through the base of the chair to try to get into the interior of it and sprayed it where It would reach but I'm unable to get it on all the wood, let alone try to find the point of infestation. I wapped it up in a large tarp for a few days hoping the fumes would penatrate the entire chair but when I unwrap it I find several dozen dead small "swarmers" but some that are still alive as well. Is there any product you can recommend that may work without damaging or removing the Upholstery? If I could find a product that was more of a "gas" I could wrap it up in plastic again and leave it for a while. Ironically I had my house tarped and treated for termites a few months ago and it would have been so easy to put the chair in my house then if I would have known. I really want to save this chair for sentimental reasons. Thanks for any help you can give me. Dave


For furniture your options are limited for treatment. If the wood is in its all natural raw state without any stains or finishes on it you can use a product like Boracare. Boracare will absorb all the way into the wood and eliminate any infestation that is there and last for the life of the wood. It does not stain the wood or leave behind any visible residue, but becomes one with the wood and any insect that ingests it dies. If the furniture has a finish on it, you would either have to drill holes throughout it and inject something like the Boracare or a foam, or the option most go with, hire a company to fumigate it.

Answer last updated on: 10/18/2013

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