Two Gallon Tank for Foamer Simpson 2 gal. (part #3) (FSPT003)

Two Gallon Tank for Foamer Simpson 2 gal. (part #3) (FSPT003)

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Product Overview


Two Gallon Tank for Foamer Simpson 2 gal. (part #3) (FSPT003) is one of the most important part of the Foamer Simpson Pump Up Foamer. It is where the mixture of water and the InVade Bio Foam are blended in by carefully swirling the tank and not shaking it. It's made of durable plastic that can hold a total of 2 gallons of liquid. The tank is lightweight yet durable enough to finish the job in no time. Since the tank is lightweight, it is easy to transport the unit from one place to another, making it a reliable tool for commercial kitchens and even for outdoor applications. This is readily available for replacement purposes.

Is a replacement part for the Foamer Simpson 2 Gallon Pump Up Foamer.

Features and Specs

For use in A tank container where the Bio Foam cleaner and water are mixed to create a shaving cream like foam.
Color White
Tank Size (gal.) 2 Gallon
Material / Construction Durable Plastic
Special Features Durable, lightweight
Parts Included (1) 2 gallon tank for Foamer Simpson
Shipping Weight 2.40 lbs
Manufacturer Rockwell Labs (Mfg. Number: FSPT003)


Instructions For Use: 

1. Before use, unlock and lift the pump handle and put three drops of oil from the enclosed bottle directly into the pump opening where the pump handle locks into place. Repeat approximately weekly if using the foamer regularly to prolong the life of the pump. If it becomes difficult to pump, it likely needs oil.

2. For best quality foam, do not fill the foamer to more than 1 gallon. Since air is required to make the foam as well as for pressurizing the foamer, the extra headspace will help.

3. Fill the foamer to the desired level with water, then add the InVade Bio Foam (1 oz per quart or 4 oz per gallon).

4. Swirl the foamer to mix, but do NOT shake. If a large amount of foam develops in the head space, it can possibly block the air intake, resulting in poor quality foam. This should only happen if the foamer is shaken vigorously, and not from normal use. If this happens, pour out the liquid and rinse out the foam and refill.

5. While InVade Bio Foam is not corrosive, it is a good idea to clean the foamer regularly with water to extend its life.

6. If using other products in the foamer, make sure they are compatible with plastic parts.

7. Always de-pressurize the foamer using the valve on the side after use and prior to removing the pump. Beware of spray.

8. The foam consistency can be adjusted by turning the needle valve where the hose connects to the tank. Turning it clockwise (tightening) will use less air, for wetter foam. Turning it counter clockwise (loosening) will result in more air for drier foam.

9. To use the extension wand, remove the short nozzle and screw in the extension wand. Make sure that the piece of white looking material remains in the nozzle or extension wand as this is critical for foaming.

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