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Using Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Post-Emergents

By DoMyOwn staff

These quick tips for applying Pre-Emergents and Post-Emergents in the fall can ensure you have a beautiful lawn this season.

 Using Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Post-Emergents Video Play

Hi this is Trisha from Believe it or not, Fall will be here before you know it. To maintain a beautiful lawn all year long, you do need to make sure you're applying your pre-emergents and you may also need to apply a post-emergent to kill existing weeds already thriving in your lawn.

Pre and Post Emergents can be applied back to back unless you have seen that a post-emergent application will harm your lawn. You don't have to wait before applying a pre and post emergent. Some customers choose to use granules. You can use a liquid post-emergent after applying a granule pre-emergent as long as the pre-emergent doesn't have a post-emergent mixed in it. And for pre-emergents, you want to make sure you're watering it in afterwards and viewing the product labels. In the fall, you can mix a liquid post-emergent and liquid pre-emergent together so that you can kill existing weeds while also preventing your winter annuals from coming up. You do want to make sure you review all instructions on the product labels following the most restrictive one and perform a jar test to make sure they are compatible in the same tank to be used together. If there is any separation, you should not tank mix them and review the label and if they don't mention tank mixing at all it wouldn't be recommended to tank mix with another product.

When applying your herbicides, keep in mind coverage is essential. Walk backwards until the weeds are wet but not dripping to avoid runoff. To ensure thorough coverage, you need to make sure your equipment is calibrated to the rate you need to use to apply to the area. You can also tank mix in a dye into your tank with herbicides so you know where you have sprayed and don't over-apply and get thorough coverage. Application interval will vary and be dependent upon location and if you have a cool or warm season lawn grass.

This could be anywhere between August all the way through November. For here in Georgia, we do start in mid August and go all the way through October or November. If you are doing a split application as we have mentioned in other videos, you will need to remember that 5-8 week window and mark your calendar and allow time for each. When it comes to herbicides and mowing your lawn, you want to make sure you mow 2 days before your applications or wait two days after to mow and make sure to review the product label for instructions regarding rain.

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