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DoMyOwn Turf Box® How-to Videos

By DoMyOwn staff

We are committed to helping you have a beautiful lawn all year long! Here's how to use the products in your DoMyOwn Turf Box®.

How to Use Heritage G Fungicide
Heritage G Fungicide offers preventative and curative control of common turf diseases like brown patch, leaf spot, and more!
How to Use a Spreader - Correct Lawn Spreader Settings
Make sure to calibrate your lawn spreader correctly when applying granular products.
How to Water Your Lawn Lawn Watering Tips
Learn how to water properly so your lawn can thrive with our basic lawn watering tips.
How to Take A Soil Sample for Soil Testing
Before beginning a lawn care program, you should first take a soil sample to figure out the nutrients your lawn needs.
When to Apply Spring Pre Emergent Herbicides - Weed Prevention Tips
Learn more about timing pre-emergent applications on your lawn.
Why Should I Apply Fall Pre Emergent Herbicides?  - Weed Prevention Tips
Getting a fall pre-emergent application down in time will prevent winter weeds and save you time and money.
How to Prevent Brown Patch in Cool Season Grass Types - Lawn Care Tips
Brown patch in cool season turf is influenced by many things including high heat and humidity, mowing height, and fertilization.
What is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed? - Fall Lawn Tips
The best time to plant grass seed depends on your grass type, location, and soil & air temperatures.
How to Apply Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Fertilizers
Get a healthy lawn leading into winter by feeding your fall lawn correctly!
How to Apply Pre Emergent Herbicide Granules - Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Learn how and when to apply granular pre-emergent herbicides to help your lawn thrive.
Know When to Overseed with Pre Emergent and Post Emergent Herbicides
Learn how overseeding works when applying pre and post emergent applications.
Using Fall Pre-Emergents with Fall Post-Emergents
Post-Emergents are an essential part of a full lawn care plan, and must be implemented for complete weed control.
How to Use Andersons 0.48 Barricade Herbicide
The active ingredient, Prodiamine, helps control grassy and broadleaf weeds in turf and landscape ornamentals.
What is the Best Way to Prevent Lawn Disease? - Lawn Care Tips
See how you can save time and money by preventing lawn disease before it starts.
How To Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide Weed Preventors
Don't want weeds in your lawn? Apply a pre-emergent to prevent them.
How to Use Howard Johnson's Dimension 0.27G Pre-Emergent Herbicide
Howard Johnsons Dimension 0.27G Herbicide is a granular pre-emergent herbicide used for season-long control or suppression of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
How to Use Pillar G Intrinsic Granular Fungicide
Pillar G can control anthracnose, dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch, summer patch, fairy ring, snow mold, and more!
How to Use Pendulum 2G Granular Pre Emergent Herbicide
The active ingredient, Pendimethalin, helps control grassy and broadleaf weeds in turf and over 300 ornamentals.
How to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide Split Applications
Learn what split applications for weed control are and when to apply for optimal weed prevention.
How Do I Kill My Weeds Without Killing My Grass? - Weed Control Tips
It's important to use the right selective post-emergent herbicide to keep your turfgrass safe.
Why Am I Seeing Weeds After a Pre-Emergent? - Weed Control Tips
Learn how pre-emergents work and how to properly apply post-emergents to take care of existing weeds.
Howard Johnsons Eagle 0.39% Specialty Fungicide
Howard Johnson's Eagle 0.39% Fungicide is aprotective and curative granular systemic fungicide for many turfgrass diseases, including dollar spot, powdery mildew, red thread, anthracnose, and take-all patch.