Wall Planters

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Pennington Natural Cedar Framed Wall Planter 17.5 in
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A weather and rot resistant wall planter that is made from natural eastern red cedar wood.

Pennington Garden Scroll Hanger With Planters
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A wall planter with three 5 inch pots designed for indoors or outdoors for plants and flowers.



Wall Planters

Wall planters can bring a lot of beauty and style to your outdoor space. There are different types of hanging planters, allowing you to choose the right size and style for your plants and for your personal style.

When choosing a wall planter, the most important thing to consider is what type of plant you will be placing in the planter. Since it has to hang on the wall, the plants shouldn’t be too big, otherwise it might be too heavy to attach to the wall properly. Wall planters are usually fairly small, so choose plants that will fit and thrive in them. Succulents are a popular choice, and small annuals would also work.

Before hanging up your wall planter, make sure you are choosing a wall that gets adequate sunlight based on the plants you want to grow. This will vary widely, but choosing a wall that gets adequate sun gives you the most flexibility when choosing and switching out your plants.

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