Watering & Irrigation

Keep your lawn hydrated to encourage root development, plant growth, and increase the overall health of your grass and plants with our selection of watering and irrigation supplies. Hoses, valves, watering cans, and more can all be used to water your flowers, grass, and vegetable gardens. Choose the best equipment for your needs for professional grade results when you do it yourself.

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A remote all-weather water spigot station that connects to a hose to fulfill all of the watering needs.

Watering and Irrigation Tools For Lawn and Garden

Choosing the right watering and irrigation systems and tools will make it easy to keep your lawn looking healthy and your plants perky. Watering correctly is very important when keeping your lawn healthy and your plants looking their best. We have the tools you need to make watering simple and effective.

The important thing to remember when choosing the right type of sprinkler or irrigation tool is to consider what you need it for. A sprinkler for a lawn should be able to soak your lawn with enough water, but at the correct rate, so the soil can absorb the water as it receives it. If you have a lot of landscape plants or a garden, you will need a tool or system that gets the right amount of water to these plants when they need it, and it should make it easy for you to perform this task. 

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