Weed & Feed for Turf & Lawns

Weed and feed products combine effective weed killers with essential fertilizers, letting you complete two lawn chores with a single application. There are different formulations of fertilizer depending on the product, and weed and feed is available in both post-emergent herbicide and pre-emergent herbicide formulas.

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A ready-to-spray fertilizer and herbicide that controls major broad leaf weeds while feeding the lawn.
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A liquid weed and feed in a RTS hose-end spray bottle with a fertilizer of 25-0-2 for greener grass in 24 hours while killing the weeds.

Weed & Feed for Turf & Lawns

Before choosing a weed and feed product, determine whether you want a pre-emergent or post emergent herbicide in your product. Timing can be tricky when applying both a pre-emergent herbicide and a fertilizer together, because the timing may not overlap depending on your local climate. A post-emergent weed and feed product can give you more flexibility for application timing.

Always read the label carefully to ensure that the weeds you want to be controlled are listed on the label, and that the fertilizer is the right formula for your lawn. 

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