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Martin from Peace Valley, Missouri writes

What can I use to treat flies and lady bugs near a wall of windows in my house?

I have flies and lady bugs inside the house that come from a wall of windows. Flies are lazy most die. On their backs.the windows are surrounded by stained pine boards and the house is clean. They get vacuumed up daily. About 12 per day. All winter long and Thur out the year. Use suspend sc inside and Telstar p outside.


You probably are dealing with cluster flies in addition to the lady bugs or Asian beetles, which are both overwintering pests that move indoors as temperatures cool, and then often come inside inadvertently as temperatures warm again. The Overwintering Kit has two great products to treat for these pests, although Suspend SC and Talstar P that you are already using will do a great job for an insecticide as well. Adding the CimeXa Insecticide Dust offers an additional barrier of protection, especially in tricky areas like under siding and in wall voids. For better control, we recommend taking a good look at ways to exclude these pests from entering the structure, check sealing around windows, doors, and where utilities enter the home. You should focus your treatments on sides of the house where you get the most afternoon and evening sunlight, as this is where these pests tend to gather most. Many customer also get great additional control using Insect Fly Light Traps inside to help capture cluster flies that have made their way indoors. You will not be able to complete eradicate them at this time of year, however, be sure to treat preventatively in late Summer and through the Fall going forward to keep these pests out.

Answer last updated on: 02/10/2016

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