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Gil\'s writes

What does the "CS" on Cy-Kick stand for?

I have a 20 oz aerosol can of Cy-Kick CS. When I search for that product it comes up with the concentrate that you have to mix. Also, I can't find it in 20oz cans online.


CS stands for "capsulated suspension" or microencapsulated solution.  Microencapsulated products last a little longer than the normal version but are really only beneficial when used outside in direct sunlight or an area where there may be a lot of moisture.  The Cy-Kick CS version of the Cy-Kick aerosol that you are looking for is much more expensive.  Since most people use this product indoors, we have chosen to only offer the Cy-Kick aerosol version instead of the Cy-Kick CS aerosol version.  Both Cy-Kick aerosol and Cy-Kick CS aerosol have the same amount of active ingredient, Cyfluthrin .1%.

Answer last updated on: 02/01/2010

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