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R. from Somerset, Nj writes

What is best way to apply Pendulum 3.3 EC to residential lawn?

Label gives little insight as to non-commercial application methods. I intended to apply this herbicide via hose-end sprayer or backpack sprayer but some online resources indicate that some plastic sprayers may clog because it is an oil-based EC. Will a hose-end sprayer (e.g. chapin) be an appropriate way to apply this herbicide?


It is not recommended to use a hose end sprayer when applying Pendulum 3.3 EC. You may use a backpack sprayer for larger areas. Per the product label, "Low-pressure (e.g. 20 to 40 psi) sprayers are recommended." Pendulum 3.3 EC - 2.5 Gallons is oil based but should not clog sprayers when mixed as directed on the label.  Agitating the mixture well before and during application can help it stay suspended.  We do carry many professional grade backpack sprayers that could be used to apply it.

Answer last updated on: 04/01/2020

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