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Aiza from Los Angeles, Ca writes

What is a good product to treat for spotted spurge/other broadleaf weeds in a Dichondra lawn? Also, I would like a pre-emergent herbicide for broadleaf/grass weeds....

I read the RonStar G label and it says not to use on Dichondra, but will RonStar 50 WSP or Ronstar FLO work with a dichondra lawn?


Dichondra lawns are considered a type of ground cover, and most herbicides may prevent the lawn from growing. Dimension 2EW is a pre-emergent herbicide that does not mention Dichondra anywhere on it's product label and might be able to be used instead. We recommend you contact the manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences at 800-992-5994. RonStar of any formulation should NOT be applied to your lawn. Please contact your local cooperative extension office Master Gardener for assistance on products that will take care of the weeds in your lawn without causing harm. Please let us know if they suggest a product and we will certainly make an effort to locate it for you.




Answer last updated on: 07/25/2018

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