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Cliff writes

What is a kid-safe method to remove mice from our house?

We have mice inside our house, evident by the droppings we find. We have 3 small children and we need a good method to remove the mouse problem ASAP with a kid-friendly method. Also, we have an older home and need to seal the outside to prevent further issues. Suggestions?


For capturing mice in a house, there are many things you can use.  Mice usually hide behind appliances and in other areas that kids cannot easily get to.  Glue boards and snap traps usually work really well. Of course, you would not want to place these in the open where the kids could access them.  We also carry live catch traps which you can place in areas that are not so confined as there is nothing that the kids could get hurt from or stuck on.  As far as exclusion, you should use whatever method necessary to close all openings.  Expanding foam is often used but mice can chew through this foam which is why you should use Stuf-Fit copper mesh in the holes before foaming. Rodent Proofing Article

Answer last updated on: 06/27/2011

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