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Carole from Portland, Maine writes

What is the best way to see if a mouse is in the Tin Cat Mouse Trap?

It's hard to see thru the small opening.


The Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308 has a clear lid that you should be able to look right through from standing height without even getting close to the trap. We are unsure what small opening you are referencing to be able to answer you more specifically. If you are using the trap with a glueboard inside you can just open the lid to view the inside if the lid is not clear enough for you to see through. If you are not using a glueboard, you should be able to either tap the trap with your foot to listen for movement or shuffling inside, or take the trap outside and open it should you feel a live mouse is inside. 

Answer last updated on: 06/21/2021

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Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308

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