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Diane from Coosbay, Oregon writes

What is the best way to treat for yellow jackets in the ground?

Over the counter products have not worked.


Onslaught SC is a superior product to treat for yellow jackets whether in the yard or under eaves of roofs, patios, porches, etc. It is also labeled for over 200 other insects and great to use as part of a general pest control program inside and outside the home. For stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, bees, etc, the best time to treat is at night when they are less active. Mix Onslaught SC at 1oz per gallon of water and spray a 2-3ft radius around the entry point in the yard working your way towards the opening. Next, adjust the nozzle on your sprayer to a pin stream spray. Apply the liquid concentrate directly to the interior of the nest. We alway receommend having a can of Wasp Freeze while treating and spray any emerging yellow jackets directly for a fast kill. With this combination you are killing the adult yellow jackets and leaving behind a residual to kill any hatching yellow jackets.  Another option is to dust the opening of the holes with an insecticide dust labeled for yellow jackets such as Tempo 1%. This is applied with a bellow hand duster directly into the holes and will be a direct contact as they enter and exit the nest and also treat any newly hatched yellow jackets.  It usually takes 3-4 days to fully kill a nest but if needed, reapplications can be done as necessary. Please take a moment to review the How to Treat for Yellow Jackets Article located at the bottom of the Yellow Jacket Control Page.   

Answer last updated on: 08/24/2017

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