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Whit from Spring Hill, Tn writes

What is the mix rate for Tenacity in a 2 gallon sprayer to control poa annua? Treating 7,000 sq ft. One application of Tenacity was done on 8/29 and then overseeded on 9/23.

I applied a broadcast application of tenacity on 8/29 in TN. I have approximately 7000 square feet. I put out the spot treatment formula instead of broadcast formula so I don't think I put out enough. I overseeded on 9/23. I have a 2 gallon sprayer. How much tenacity do I put into the sprayer with 2 gallons of water? Math is hard:). My goal is to control poa annua. I plan on putting out dimension as well in a few weeks.


Tenacity Herbicide can be applied at the same time as seeding (unless grass is more than 20% stand of fine fescue). If application cannot be done within 7 days of seeding you would need to wait a minimum of 30 days, or until the seed has emerged and been mowed at least twice before applying to the lawn.  
According to the Tenacity product label, you will need to mix 1 tsp of product + 3 tsp surfactant with 2 gallons of water for spot treatments applied at a rate of 1 gallon per 1,000 sq ft. It is advised to use a dye like Turf Mark Blue with it so you can make sure to not overlap if you plan to do a broadcast application on the property. Repeat applications can be done after two to three weeks for continued post emergent weed control.

Answer last updated on: 10/08/2022

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