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Donny writes

What is the most appropriate application method of Sulfentrazone 4SC?

If I'm doing a post-emergent spot-treatment on weeds listed on the label is it best to apply Sulfentrazone as a soil or foliar application, and does this need to be watered or is it meant to be applied to stick to the leaves or blades of the weeds and should not be watered?


  Sulfentrazone 4SC Select  should be applied with a hand pump or backpack sprayer as a foliar application. Mix at the rate stated on the product label in enough water to thoroughly treat 1,000 sq ft. According to the label: “The control of listed germinating weed species will be reduced when rain or irrigation follows a period of dry weather. Where there is a prolonged period when rainfall/irrigation is not available, alternative weed control methods should be considered”   Its often suggested to use a higher water volume to ensure thorough covergae during application, and to water the lawn prior to the treatment either the moring of the application or the night before. 


Answer last updated on: 04/10/2021

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