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Michael from New Orleans, La writes

What product do you recommend for spiders, earwigs and general pest control?

What product do you recommend for me? I live in New Orleans, LA. I am mainly dealing with spiders and earwigs. What do you recommend to treat my the perimeter of my home and foundation with? I'm looking for something with the longest residual, that could hold up against the hot, humid summer sun, as well as frequent rain. In addition, what lawn treatment do you recommend? Thank you.


Cyper WP can be used indoors and outdoors for spider, earwig and general pest control. Cyper Wp is a wettable powder formulation which stands up well to moisture, heat and sun. When treating indoors be sure that all pets and other people are out of the application area and they can return as soon as the area is dry. The Cyper WP product label recommends 2 scoops of product per gallon of water, sprayed directly into cracks and crevices, under appliances, around door frames and window frames and in places where utilities (cables, pipes, wires) enter into the structure. Outdoors you should spray around the bottom of the foundation, on the ground adjacent to the foundation, door frames, window frames and places where the utilities enter into the structure. Talstar PL Granules would be a great choice for insect control in lawns

Answer last updated on: 05/08/2012

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