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Pjb writes

What should I do with a skunk or animal that I caught in a Havahart trap?

I have a skunk in the Havahart trap! Now what? How do I get it out of the trap without having to bathe in tomato juice?


Once you discover a skunk, you will need another cloth, large enough to completely cover the Havahart trap, and a brick or object that is tall and wide enough to keep the trap door open at least 5 inches but one that won’t block the skunk’s escape. With this equipment in hand, quietly approach the trap from the cloth side (so the skunk can’t see you), holding the large cloth in front of you. Gently drape the cloth completely over the cage. Get the object that you will use to keep the door open. (Some spring-loaded traps actually have a device to do this.) When you are ready, take a quick peek to make sure the skunk is at the opposite end of the trap. Chances are he will be facing you as the noise will peak his interest. Quickly open the door and prop it open. As you walk away, take the large blanket with you. Keep the blanket open between you and the trap as you quietly and methodically back away. While it is possible for the skunk to bolt out of the cage, it rarely happens. Usually, the skunk remains in the covered portion of the trap until he feels safe enough to walk out. Don’t be surprised if he remains in the trap until nightfall. Be sure to check with your local authorities to see where or if the animal can be released.

Answer last updated on: 08/30/2009

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