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Nancy from Waltham, Ma writes

What works on cluster flies that come into my log cabin and hover around the sunny windows every autumn?

My log home is in Andover ME


Bifen IT can be used to help control cluster flies indoors and outdoors. If the cluster flies have already made their way indoors, they will be harder to control because they usually hide in a wall void or other inaccessible area and are only visible when the house warms up. If the cluster flies are in an attic or drop ceiling or other dark area, a fly light would do a great job controlling the population. Using small fly lights such as the Fly Web in the house would also help to catch the flies. Spray Bifen IT directly on baseboards, window frames, door frames, and places where utilities (pipes, wires, cables) enter in to the building and any other crack, crevice or gap where insects can enter. Here is an article that will give you a little bit more information on cluster flies and cluster fly control methods: How to get rid of cluster flies

Answer last updated on: 09/06/2014

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