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Jay from 19038 writes

When is the best time to treat with Subdue MAXX Fungicide, and how often do I need to re-apply it?

Soil treatment for phytophhora in forsythia hedge


Subdue MAXX Fungicide is not labled for a soil treatment when treating for phytophthora. Per the product label it should be applied as a foliar treatment only. Also this would not be a product that we would recommend for that either as you would have to use such a miniscule amount when treating hedges as the label states to use it in 100 gallons of water. To be able to break that down would not be worth using.  You could use Monterey Agri-Fos Fungicide. It is labeled for a soil drench at a rate of 2 to 4 tsp per gallon of water, and you would apply 1 gallon per sq yard. Follow the application with irrigation to get the product down to the roots of the plant. You can do repeat applications at 14-21 day intervals. 

Answer last updated on: 10/05/2016

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