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Torey from Virginia writes

Which product has the longest residual against crickets, spiders, and centipedes?

In my crawl space is where I initially have the problem, then they find themselves inside the home. Living with a wife and 3 daughters is not fun when these pests start to show up.


Wettable powder formulations such as Demon WP or Tempo WP or microencapsulated formulations such as Onslaught or Cy-Kick CS will have the longest lasting residuals. These formulations are more stable than other insecticide formulations and they are also labeled for crickets, spiders and centipedes. Even the longest lasting insecticide cannot keep out 100% of insects because insects can find creative ways to go around or over insecticides. We recommend that in addition to spraying the perimeter and crawlspace of your home that you also see how you can alter the environment immediately around your home to make it less favorable to insects. Please take a few moments to read our article Integrated Pest Managment to learn how to make your property less favorable to insects.

Answer last updated on: 10/04/2011

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