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How to Inspect for Wild Violet Weeds

Wild Violet Weed Inspection

By DoMyOwn staff
a photo of a cluster of upright wild violet weed stems with small flowers visible on top

Wild Violet is a clumping winter perennial weed that grows low and and can spread aggressively throughout lawns and garden beds by use of rhizomes, or above-ground shoots. The deep roots of the weed can make it difficult to remove, which is why you want to make sure you know exactly where your weed is growing before you select a treatment plan. Read below to learn more about where Wild Violet is found.

Where Does Wild Violet Grow in Your Yard?

a photo of a patch of wild violet weeds growing among turfgrass

Wild Violet prefers the shaded areas of a lawn. If you have irrigation and flooding issues in your lawn, you are most likely to see Wild Violet in those areas.

When Does Wild Violet Grow?

Wild Violet weeds usually grow through the winter months, then produce their distinctive flowers in the early spring--between April and May in most states--and continue to grow throughout the summer. To get the best results from your Wild Violet killing products, apply the treatment in the fall to get the weed under control before deeper roots take hold as the plant prepares itself to survive the winter.

Where is Wild Violet Found in the USA?

Wild Violet weeds are found in most of the United States, from Florida to the Canadian border. In the states where it appears, Wild Violet can grow in fields, wooded areas, valleys near streams, prairies, and roadsides, in addition to residential lawns.

Have Wild Violet weeds in your lawn? Learn how to get rid of it in our Wild Violet Treatment Guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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