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Jeff from Columbus,nj writes

Will Arilon Insecticide work to control carpenter ants? If so when do I need to rotate to another product?


Yes, Arilon Insecticide will kill carpenter ants along with other ant species that come in contact with a treated area. For carpenter ant control specifically, we would recommend our Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit. The kit contains professional pest control products to control carpenter ants found inside structures, including two baits that contain different formulations and active ingredients to increase bait acceptance and efficacy. To control carpenter ants around the exterior of your home, Taurus SC will do the trick. You would mix 0.8 fl. oz. of Taurus SC per gallon of water and apply using a hand-pump sprayer around the outside of the home, spraying 1 foot up the side of the house and 1 foot out from the house, all the way around the home. It is always a good practice to alternate products with different active ingredients. However, there is no set guideline on how often you should rotate insecticides. A lot of professionals will use the same bait and insecticide as long as they are seeing good results. When the results start to falter they will then switch to a new material with a different active ingredient.

Answer last updated on: 07/11/2019

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