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Angie from Ohio writes

Will BB Stop Bed Bug Pitfall Trap crack on carpet if like the Clumb-Ups?

How does this work, is it just like the Climb-Ups, that the inside wells are slippery and the bed bug will just get trapped inside it? And if I put my bed posts on it and my room is carpeted is there a chance it will crack? Also, how many come in one pack or is it just one single BB Stop I'm ordering (i.e. if I wanted one for all four posts I'd have to buy 4 separate BB Stops?)


The BB Stop traps are sold individually. While these are a bit tougher than the Climb Ups you can still run into issues with the traps cracking if you use them on deep carpet without any kind of support beneath them. We recommend using a large washer (you can get these from your local home improvement store) or a piece of wood under the trap to avoid cracking. The BB traps do work like the Climb Ups.

Answer last updated on: 07/12/2012

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