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Laura from Arlington, Va writes

Will Eco PCO D-X Dust work on other beetles like drugstore or biscuit beetles?

I bought this dust thinking I had black carpet beetles. However, taking a closer look, they more resemble another beetle like a biscuit or drugstore beetle. They are not in my pantry. I'd like to use this dust in cracks in the baseboards and around the windows.


Eco PCO D-X Dust - 10 oz. will also treat Drug store beetles. Once the beetle travels over the dusted it will kill them. You may also want to use Pantry Patrol Pheromone traps to help trap the adults. You can also add an growth regulator like Gentrol IGR Aerosol to the mix to spray into crevices to keep the insects from reproducing.

Answer last updated on: 06/07/2013

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