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Colleen from Van Nuys, Ca writes

Will ExciteR kill the moth larvae?

One in my loft bedroom and one in my living room. My son always keeps his door shut and I have only seen one moth in there. I have the one rug wrapped in plastic with moth balls outside in the sun. I will do the same to the larger one this weekend. I need to know if this will kill the larvae or am I going to have to get rid of the very expensive rugs? I have sanitized the loft and will finish the living room and son's bedroom and closet this weekend and will get some cedar and lavender for his room. Should I steam clean the whole apt rugs? They are the cheap apt rugs. I live in California. I told my mgr about it she doesn't seem too concerned. The cheap carpet is loose in some areas from the dining room marble floor to where the carpet meets. The carpet layers for the apt will be here next week to check it out. Also do these moths make a web like a spider?


There are some moths called webbing clothes moths that do indeed make a webbing of sorts that they wrap themselves in. You should steam clean all carpets and rugs to help kill any larvae that are left behind. If you use a high quality steamer that reaches temperatures over 140 degrees you can be sure that the larvae will be killed. ExciteR will eliminate most insects when they are sprayed directly with the product. You should spray after you steam clean. Most folks do not have to get rid of their rugs. We recommend you contact an oriental rug dealer to learn more about caring for the rugs to avoid this type of problem in the future.

Answer last updated on: 11/02/2011

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