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Tera from Anthony, Tx writes

Will flood irrigation affect Mosquito Control Kit - Professional application?

We live in the desert southwest and we have flood irrigation every 2 weeks during the summer months. The water only stays in the yard for about 3 days before being soaked in or evaporated. Will the flood irrigation increase the frequency for treatment of the grass?


When using Mosquito Control Kit - Professional to treat for mosquitoes, the grass really isn’t an aera that needs to be treated.  Mosquitoes don’t generally land in grasses, so there is no reason to treat that area.  The areas of application should be concentrated on cooler, shaded areas that the mosquitoes land on during the hottest part of the day to seek shelter from the heat.  This is the underside of tree canopies, the interiors of shrubs and bushes, under eaves and soffits, etc.  If these areas receive a lot of rainfall, an reapplication at around 21 days may be necessary.

Answer last updated on: 08/14/2019

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