Mosquito Control Kit - Professional

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Mosquito Control Kit - Professional

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33 Reviews | 60 Q&A

Product Overview

The Mosquito Control Kit - Professional is designed for professionals or other individuals who need to treat large areas or multiple properties for all levels of dangerous mosquito infestations that can transfer dangerous diseases like West Nile, and the Zika Virus, etc. The Professional kit offers more versatility than our other Mosquito Control Kits since it includes even greater variety of products and active ingredients. This kit contains two insecticide concentrates, an Insect Growth Regulator, as well as a larvicide so that you can treat both land and standing water. Exciter Insecticide contains natural pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide for a quick knockdown of adult mosquitoes, while Talstar P offers residual protection on mosquito resting areas. Archer IGR prohibits the development of immature mosquitoes, and Altosid Pro-G is a larvicide to treat standing water or areas likely to flood. This kit treats up to 96,000 square feet (Talstar P only) plus over 5,000 square feet or over 20,000 gallons of water.

We recommend that the most complete mosquito Treatment always include a good Inspection as well as lawn Sanitation to find and reduce the hot spots where mosquitoes breed and harbor. Using this complete approach will ensure you get the best results out of your pesticide applications.

You will need application equipment such as a hand pump sprayer, backpack sprayer or Solo 451 mist blower to apply the liquid concentrates in this kit.

For non-licensed residents of NY or CT, see our New York Mosquito Control Kit - Heavy Population.

Consider the Mosquito Control Kit - Ultimate which includes the Solo 451 mist blower.

Features and Specs

CT, NY, VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 12.00 lbs


The Mosquito Control Kit - Professional includes products that are easy to measure and apply in quantities that treat larger yards or multiple properties. This kit also offers the versatility of multiple concentrates that can be mixed and applied at the same time. As with all pests, it is crucial to address the environmental conditions that support mosquito populations. While it is unrealistic to expect 100% control of all mosquitoes, taking the time to do a good Inspection so that you can address both land and water conditions that favor mosquitoes will help you get the best results from your mosquito Treatment.

How to Apply the Mosquito Control Kit - Heavy Population


Because mosquitoes need water to lay eggs and develop, finding and eliminating water sources is a crucial step in managing mosquito populations.

*Check for areas where rainwater collects such as bird baths, flowerpots, gutters, rain barrels, pool covers, animal drinking water receptacles, deep hollows in trees, standing puddles, and any other areas where water may collect. Minimize water collection and empty these containers as you are able, and treat other standing water with larvicides (see STEP 2).

*Keep trees and shrubs pruned and grasses short to reduce areas where moisture is retained and adult mosquitoes like to rest.

*Remove or reduce piles of yard debris to reduce harborage areas.


Altosid is a ready-to-use granule that contains the insect growth regulator (IGR) Methoprene. Altosid is not a true larvicide, though it does prevent adult mosquito emergence. Granules will gradually sink in water and will release active ingredient continuously for up to 30 days.

*Apply Altosid evenly over the surface of the water to be treated to control mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults.

*Use a disposable spoon or other dedicated measuring tool to measure Altosid granules.

*Rates of application are for water less than 2 feet deep, or by total gallons of water for deeper water. Use approximately 80 granules per gallon of water for small applications such as flower pots, urns, old tires, etc. For other applications:

    *1 cup treats 2,400 sq. ft. or 9,600 gallons of water

    *¼ cup treats 600 sq. ft. or 2,400 gallons

    *1 tbsp. treats 150 sq. ft. or 600 gallons

    *½ tbsp. treats 75 sq. ft. or 300 gallons

    *1 tsp. treats 50 sq. ft. or 200 gallons

    *½ tsp. treats 25 sq. ft. or 100 gallons

    *¼ tsp. treats up to 13 sq. ft. or 50 gallons.

*Apply Altosid to temporary and permanent sites which support mosquito larval development such as bird baths, gutters, animal feeding troughs, small ponds, rain barrels, unused swimming pools or hot tubs.

*Altosid also may be used on sites such as salt and tidal marshes, freshwater swamps and marshes, drainage areas, ditches, retention ponds, sewers, catch basins, irrigated croplands, pastures, and orchards. See the product label for complete list of approved sites.

*Application to sites subject to water flow or exchange will diminish effectiveness and may require higher application rates or more frequent applications.

*Altosid is safe for use around fish, aquatic life, amphibians, other beneficial insects, and pets.

*Do not apply to finished human drinking water.

*Store unused granules in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets.

STEP 3 - INSECTICIDES and INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR - Talstar P, Archer IGR, ExciteR Insecticide

There are three concentrates with different active ingredients included in this kit. All of these concentrates must be diluted with water and applied with pressurized spray equipment. We recommend using Talstar P for most applications, adding Archer IGR for heavier populations, and diluting ExciteR Insecticide with one or both of these solutions to include a faster initial cleanout of existing adult mosquitoes.

*Talstar P contains Bifenthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that kills adult mosquitoes both upon initial spray and for weeks after application.

*Dilute Talstar P at a rate of 1 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water or per 1,000 square feet of area to be treated.

*To measure Talstar P, squeeze the bottle to fill the small reservoir with the desired amount of concentrate. Remove only the cap on the small reservoir to dispense the pre-measure liquid. *To make dilution, add desired amount of water to spray tank, add Talstar P, then stir, shake, or agitate the tank to ensure proper mixing before spraying.

*Archer IGR contains the active ingredient Pyridine that imitates a growth hormone and prevents full development in immature mosquitoes.

*Dilute Archer IGR at a rate of 1 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water or per 1,000 square feet.

*To measure Archer IGR, squeeze the bottle to fill the small reservoir with the desired amount of concentrate. Remove only the cap on the small reservoir to dispense the pre-measured liquid. Add Archer IGR to dilution after ensuring Talstar P and/or ExciteR is mixed thoroughly.

*ExciteR contains natural pyrethrum, an insecticide that quickly kills insect pests on contact, and Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), a synergist to stabilize and boost killing power of insecticides.

*Shake container well before measuring and mixing.

*Dilute ExciteR at a rate of 0.25 - 0.50 oz. of concentrate per 1,000 square feet for most applications. Higher rates may be used for cleanout of very heavy populations: see the product label for complete use rates.

*When mixing ExciteR with Talstar P, match the volume of water with the rate you are using for the Talstar P. For example, if you are using 1 oz. of Talstar P per gallon of water for 1,000 square feet, use 0.25-0.5 oz. of ExciteR per gallon of water. If you are apply Talstar P at a rate of 0.33 oz. in 3 gallons per 1,000 square feet, dilute ExciteR at a rate of 0.08-.17 oz. per gal, or 0.25-0.5 oz. per 3 gallons of water.

*To measure ExciteR, squeeze the bottle to fill the small reservoir with the desired amount of concentrate. Unscrew only the cap on the the small reservoir to dispense the pre-measured liquid.

*To make dilution, add at least ½ desired volume of water to spray tank, add ExciteR concentrate, then agitate or close and invert spray tank to mix product. Repeat agitation before spraying to ensure solution is mixed thoroughly.

*When tank mixing multiple products, dilute only what you plant to spray the same day. Do not let tank mixtures sit overnight.

*Apply spray solution to adult mosquito resting areas, including ornamental plants such as dense brush, tall grasses, and especially the undersides of leaves on trees and bushes. Also treat resting areas on structures such as under eaves or other overhangs, under decks and porches, and in other moist, shady areas where mosquitoes may rest or breed.

*Apply when mosquitoes are most active for the best knockdown: spray early in the morning, in early afternoon, or after sunset.

*Resist the urge to broadcast over the entire yard and home since this may also reduce populations of beneficial insects and predators.

*Do not make applications with this solution that may contaminate water sources such as ponds or streams where there is aquatic life present.

*Do not apply spray solution to edible plants.

*Keep pets and other people out of the treatment area until the application has dried, usually about an hour.

*Mix only the amount of solution you plan to apply within 24 hours. The active ingredient will degrade if left in solution, and the residue may damage your spray equipment.

*Repeat applications every 30-60 days as needed. The solution may be applied more frequently if heavy populations recur, but you must wait at least 7 days between applications.

*Store unused products in the original container in a temperate environment and out of direct sunlight. Store out of reach of children or pets for up to 3 years.

*For even faster applications, especially in larger areas, apply with a mist blower such as the Solo 451 Mist Blower. Dilution rates remain the same, however, power mist blowers will dispense product much more quickly and ensure more thorough coverage into dense foliage.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Mosquitos....who you gonna call?

    By Graham on 05/29/2017

    Bite Busters! Talstar/Exciter.....had a pack of mosquitoes that would not stop. Just sprayed the yard (3/4 acre) with 2 gallons of water and 2 oz. each of Talstar and Exciter, not a mosquito to be seen. Should knock down fleas, ticks, and ants as well. 1st time in 20 years no bites outside and I have enough product for 46 more sprays. Mosquito squad wanted over $800 to spray just this year... nope!

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    50 of 56 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Very Happy!

    By Brian on 08/23/2015

    Ordered this product on a Saturday had it on Monday! Great service! We live in a woods so you can imagine the mosquito problem especially during wet years like this one. This product performes better than I expected. Used one time about three weeks ago and am just noticing the Mosquitos at dusk. We have been enjoying the outdoors again!

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    45 of 47 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Mosquitoes are Gone!

    By Don on 07/19/2016

    I live in South Florida, literally right across the road from 60,000 acres of protected wetlands. It is a Mosquito haven, to say the least! I hired a guy last year at $90 every three weeks to spray my property with a mosquito repellent. It worked really well, and then I noticed the spray job was getting less and less detailed. So I bought the spray backpack and the mosquito control kit. It fixed it for me! It is the perfect solution if you don't mind taking the time to spray thoroughly. It takes me about two and a half tanks and an hour and a half every month.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    45 of 46 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    That's a winner, Got-er Done

    By Andrew on 09/09/2016

    I had a bad mosquito problem, I used a gas powered mister with about 3 gallons water and sprayed everything, house, yard, trees, plants. I even let a good amount of mist strategically ride the wind to get my neighbors yard and problem areas. Instantly killed flies, and other bugs in the grass, and I have yet to see any mosquito's and it's been 3+ weeks with some rain. If using a mister I would definitely suggest a respirator.

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    28 of 32 people found this review helpful

  • 4 of 5 Stars

    No mo mosquitos

    By Ken on 06/09/2016

    One healthy application through my fogger so far and the bugs are gone. I live next to some wetlands and my wife is susceptible to bug bites in a bad way. We have had a party and enjoy our porch to the fullest. I can tell after a few heavy rainfalls so far I will need to reapply as expected. I will reorder this kit when I need more. Thank you

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    20 of 21 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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Given the correct quantity of each of the liquids in the Mosquito Control Kit, can I mix them all at the same time?
Yes, the Talstar, Harmonix and Archer in the Mosquito Control Kit can be mixed together with water in the same sprayer.

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72 of 77 people found this answer helpful

What's the best mix ratio with all three chemicals. Talstar, exciter and archer.

I have a few yards to spray. I want knock down power and I would like to know how many ounces per gallon if im mixing those three chemicals together.


You should mix one ounce of each product to one gallon of water.

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60 of 61 people found this answer helpful

Is the Mosquito Control Kit-Professional pet safe?
As long as you use the products according to the instructions on each label, and keep pets and kids out of the area both while you treat and until those surfaces have dried completely, then they will be safe. 

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29 of 31 people found this answer helpful

Do I need to wear any kind of a respirator when spraying the Mosquito Control Kit - Professional?

I have purchased these products from you and a backpack power mister/sprayer and have sprayed twice now and have noticed a huge improvement in the 3 yards I am spraying. Do I need to wear any kind of protective equipment since I will be spraying regularly?


Yes, when using the Mosquito Control Kit - Professional in a Backpack Mister it is recommended to use protective equipment such as a long sleeve shirt, gloves, pants, boots and a light mask such as the N95 Valved Respirator Mask or even the Comfo Classic Respirator Mask.

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29 of 30 people found this answer helpful

Can you mix the products inside of the Mosquito Control Kit with Mosquito Barrier?

Mosquito Barrier is a repellent and using them with the Mosquito Control Kit-Professional will be counterproductive. The product inside the kit are meant to kill mosquitoes, and the Mosquito Barrier will repel them from the area.

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22 of 26 people found this answer helpful

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Mosquito Control Kit - Professional 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.7 (33 Reviews / 60 Q&A)

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