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Delois writes

Will Gentrol Aerosol IGR kill roaches?


IGR’s including Gentrol Aerosol IGR when used alone will not kill roaches or insects in general as they are only growth inhibitors and stop the growth cycle and reproduction phases. A successful roach treatment program should include a residual insecticide, insect growth regulator and roach bait and repeat applications every 10-14 days will be needed to fully eradicate the colony. The number of retreatments can vary depending on the level of infestation. If you are still seeing roach activity after 60 days, you will want to rotate roach baits as they can develop a resistance or bait aversion. . You will not always see dead roaches with any product as they will die where ever they die but Gentrol IGR does not kill anything directly only prevents young from maturing into reproducing adults so used as part of a program. Please view our Roach Control Kits for the best treatment program for active roach infestations. We have our How to Get Rid of Roach Treatment Guide for more information and tips on treatment. 


Answer last updated on: 06/09/2021

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