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Johnnie from High Point, North Carolina writes

Will it kill no-see-ums?

My husband bought a used fabric chair from the Salvation Army and we have been bothered ever since with something that bites and flutters around our legs. We done everything that we know and whatever it is, it's still there. Will this product take care of our problem?


Microcare is labeled for no-see-ums but it is very doubtful that you are dealing with no-see-ums. No-see-ums usually develop and live in areas by mud, sand, and debris around the edges of ponds, springs, lakes, creeks, and in tree holes or on slime-covered bark. We recommend that you contact your local Cooperative Extension Office and ask to speak to the entomologist and request an insect ID. The entomologist will tell you how to gather a sample for identification purposes. Trying to treat for an insect without a clear idea of what you are treating for often leads to treatment failure. If you want to try Microcare anyway you will need to spray the tufts, seams, folds and in between the cushions only. You can also use Microcare as a space spray to help get rid of flying insects in the room.

Answer last updated on: 09/19/2011

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