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Kurt from Enterprise, Kansas writes

Will Remedy Ultra Herbicide kill locust (thistle) trees, and if so, how and when should they be sprayed?

I have a pasture in Kansas that was infested with large locust trees. We cut & burned & sprayed, but have a lot of small volunteer locust trees. Can we blanket spray the small trees, or must we cut them & stray the stump? Or could we use a rotary mower & cut a large area & then blanket spray the area? If not Remedy, then can you recommend another herbicide


Remedy Ultra Herbicide is labeled for use on locust trees and you can do either the blanket spray to the actively growing areas, or a root drenching type spray to them after being cut with mowers. There are a couple of applications instructions on the Product Label you can follow which we have copied for you below.  Foliage Treatment with Ground Equipment: Use sufficient spray volume to completely and uniformly cover foliage. For ground application, apply 10 gallons or more of total spray volume per acre. Use higher spray volumes fo ground applications to ensure adequate coverage with increased depth and density of foliage, particularly for treatment of woody plants.  High Volume Foliage Treatment: For control of susceptible woody plants, use Remedy Ultra alone or in tank mix combination at the recommended rate to make 100 gallons of spray mixture. On rangeland and permanent pasture sites, make 1 application per year and apply no more than 2 quarts of Remedy Ultra per acre. To control a broader spectrum of woody plants and broadleaf weeds, Remedy Ultra may be tank mixed with other herbicides at recommended rates. Used alone- 1-2 qt Remedy Ultra per 1000 gallons of spray.  Dormant Stem Treatment: Mix 3 to 6 quarts of Remedy Ultra in enough oil to make 100 gallons of spray solution. Apply with a knapsack or power spraying equipment, using low pressure (20-40 psi). Treat anytime when brush is dormant and most of the foliage has dropped. Do not apply when snow or water prevent spraying to the ground line. Thoroughly wet the upper parts of the stems and use the remainder to wet the lower 12 to 15 inches above ground to the point of runoff. For root suckering species such as sumac, sassafras and locust, also spray the ground under the plant to cover small root suckers which may not be visible above the soil surface.  For oil-water mixture application, mix 6 quarts of Remedy Ultra, 25 gallons of oil and 1.5 gallons of an approved agricultural spray emulsifier such as Sponto 712 or Triton X-100 as indicated on the mixing direction. 

Answer last updated on: 10/23/2017

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