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Michelle from Massachusetts writes

Will Talstar kill fleas outside? How quick does it work for an infested area?

My dog keeps getting fleas outside and then carrying in house. The dog has been washed and house bombed with flea bombs but fleas keep returning.


The best products for flea control outdoors would be Talstar P mixed with NyGuard IGR. The Talstar is the insecticide that will kill the fleas and leave a residual, and the NyGuard is the birth control that will halt the infestation from growing. Mix these in your sprayer together with water and spray any areas outdoors where you are having a problem with fleas or any other insect. After your initial application of the two products, you will respray the Talstar by itself every 2 weeks until the infestation has dropped in number, and then back off to spraying only once every 30 days. The NyGuard IGR will typically hold up to the outdoor elements for 4 months but if you have heavy rains or long periods of drought and heat, you may want to reapply again earlier than this with one of your monthly Talstar applications. For indoor control, you would use Ultracide which is a flea aerosol. It comes ready to use and has both the adulticide and igr (birth control) to provide you with the same type of control indoors as you have outdoors. You will need to go through and vacuum all flooring and furniture prior to using the product. Once vacuumed, use the Ultracide to spray down all carpets, hardwoods, baseboards, rugs, pet bedding and furniture to eliminate the fleas. After application you will leave the home until the product has had time to dry which normally takes about an hour or so. Once dry, all pets, children and adults can re-enter the home and resume normal activity. You will need to vacuum daily for 14 days and then do a second application of the Ultracide.

Answer last updated on: 10/30/2013

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