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James from Bowie, Tx 76230 writes

Will Tempo SC Ultra work towards killing fleas?


Tempo SC Ultra is labeled to kill fleas using a rate of 8mL per 1000 sq ft or 12 fl oz per acre. Apply where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter. Permitted areas include but are not limited to: home lawns, business complexes, apartment buildings, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, recreational fields, institutional grounds, athletic fields, and other landscape turf grass. In the outdoor flea treatment process it is recommended that you use two products together to get the expected results, a liquid insecticide such as Tempo SC Ultra to kill exposed fleas and an insect growth regulator (IGR) such as Archer or Nyguard that will stop immature fleas from reaching sexual maturity. Whenever you have a moment I suggest taking a look at our guide on Flea Control, which explains how to successfully treat for fleas and the products recommended such as our Flea Kits for indoor and outdoor. 

Answer last updated on: 07/08/2015

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