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Anne from Melbourne, Vic writes

Will the Advion Roach Bait Gel work after surface spray?

I have purchased Advion cockroach gel to treat a mild infestation and it worked great. For months we didn't see any roaches in our apartment but they are in the building complex as we see them in hallways, stairway etc.. someone suggested to use a surface spray to keep them from coming in so we did. Now after some time we are starting to see them again alive ones. I have sprayed this surface spray everywhere, in cracks and cervices, on pipes in cupboards. On the container it states that it will continue to kill and control for 9 months. If I start using Advion gel again and place on the same spot where sprayed is it going to work? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Ideally, you should not place bait such as Advion Roach Bait Gel anywhere where a residual spray has been applied and is still active. We would recommend waiting at least 2-4 weeks before baiting on surfaces which have been sprayed with a residual insecticide, but how long that residual may last really depends on the product you used. It it has been several months since you have sprayed, then usually there would not be enough residual left to deter raoches from the bait. Another option would be using the bait in Bait Plate Stations so that it is not placed direcly on treated surfaces. Please take a few moments to review our Roach Treatment Guide for more tips on treating this pest.

Answer last updated on: 02/13/2018

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