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Pat from Macon, Mo writes

Will Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide speed up the killing process on trees that have had a ring cut around it? ...

I cut a ring around large trees to kill them, but it takes a while for them to die.


Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide can be applied via tree injection, frill or girdle treatment, or stump treatment as directed on page 3 of the product label. Frill or Girdle Treatment is the closest to what you are describing. Per the label:

Make a single hack girdle or “frill” of overlapping ax cuts through the bark completely around the tree as close to the ground as feasible. Spray or paint the injured surface with undiluted Tordon RTU, using enough volume to wet treated areas.

There is a complete list of woody plants controlled by this product on the label. Be sure that your target plants are included on this list and that the herbicide is applied immediately after cutting for best results.

Answer last updated on: 10/29/2018

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