Actuate SC Miticide

Actuate SC Miticide CASE
Actuate SC Miticide CASE
Actuate SC Miticide CASE
Actuate SC Miticide CASE

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Product Overview

Actuate SC provides instant knockdown and long-lasting control of mites on ornamental plants in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes, and interiorscapes. It contains 22% Bifenazate as its active ingredient, a Group 20D acaricide which offers effective control against bothersome insects, but will not affect beneficial mites and insects. This specially formulated miticide has a dual mode of action -- kills on contact and provides a long residual control that continuously works for up to 28 days. It also works efficiently on resistant mites and supports complete life cycle control which allows less application to help minimize resistance from developing. It is also an excellent tank-mix partner and offers optimum benefits when used in resistance management or IPM programs. This product is a great alternative to Floramite SC. Sold 8 oz. bottle.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bifenazate - 22.6%
Target pests Bamboo Spider Mite, Citrus Red Mite, Clover Mite, European Red Mite, Lewis Mite, Pacific Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Strawberry Mite, Two-Spotted Spider Mite.
For use in Indoors and Outdoors. Ornamental Plants, Bedding Plants, Foliage and Flowering Plants, Perennials, Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Homes, Commercial Buildings, Interior and Exterior Landscaping, Greenhouses, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Campgrounds.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Suspension concentrate.
Special Features Long-lasting control of mites. Provides added benefits when used in resistance management or IPM programs.
Shipping Weight 0.65 lbs
Manufacturer Atticus LLC (Mfg. Number: 530019)
EPA Registration 91234-17



This product may be applied to foliage for knockdown and residual control of mites on ornamental plants (including ornamental bulb crops, bedding plants, foliage and flowering plants, perennials, shrubs and trees), tomatoes grown in greenhouses and all fruit trees that will not bear fruit for at least 12 months. The plants may be grown in the ground or in pots.

This product may be applied to the above listed plants around residences, public, commercial and industrial areas; interior and exterior landscaping; shadehouses, greenhouses and nurseries; conifer / Christmas tree plantations; recreational sites including golf courses, parks, athletic fields, and campgrounds; and rights-of-way and other easement uses. NOTE: This product may only be applied to tomatoes that are grown in greenhouses and may NOT be used on tomatoes grown outdoors.

This product works most effectively on mites that are motile, but also has ovicidal activity against the Tetranychus spp. mites (i.e., Spider Mites) and is especially effective against grass mites, red mites and spider mites. Common mite species controlled by Actuate SC include:

Bamboo Spider Mite Schizotetranychus celarius (Banks), Pacific Mite Tetranychus pacificus (McGregor), Citrus Red Mite Panonychus citri (McGregor), Southern Red Mite Oligonychus ilcis (McGregor), Clover Mite Bryobia praetiosa (Koch), Spruce Spider Mite Oligonychus ununguis (Jacobi), European Red Mite Panonychus ulmi (Koch), Strawberry Mite Tetranychus turkestani, Lewis Mite Eotetranychus lewisi, Two-Spotted Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae (Koch)

NOTE: This product is not effective in controlling rust mites, broad mites and flat mites.

Because this product is not a systemic insecticide, thorough coverage of both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves, as well as any fruit present, is required. When used as directed, this product is useful in resistance management and IPM programs due to its selective nature that minimizes impacts to beneficial insects.


To prepare this product for application:

  1. Fill the tank with 1/2 the required amount of water;
  2. Add the specified amount of Actuate SC;
  3. Begin agitation to completely disperse the product; and,
  4. Add the remaining water required for the tank mix and, if possible, maintain agitation while applying. Because the stability of this product can be negatively impacted in a high-temperature / high-pH situation, maintain the spray mixture between pH 5.5 - 6.5.

Tank-Mixtures with Actuate SC

This product may be tank-mixed with other insecticides if broad-spectrum control is necessary. When tank-mixing with other products, a limited trial to determine the compatibility of the tank-mix partners should be made prior to extensive use. Tank mixtures are only permitted in States where all of the pesticide products used as tank-mix partners are registered. It is the pesticide user’s responsibility to ensure that all products used in the tank mix are registered for the intended use. Users must follow the most restrictive of all of the labeled use directions, precautionary language, and use limitations for the tank-mix partners.


Apply as soon as mites appear. Actuate SC provides residual control for up to 28 days. Within the range of rates specified in the next paragraph, use the lower rates when mite pressure is low or for preventative applications; and use the higher rates when mite pressure is severe or for extended residual control.

Mix 4 - 8 fluid ounces of Actuate SC per 100 gallons of water (1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water). Apply 1-4 quarts of the mixture per 100 square feet (100-400 gallons per acre) to the foliage using ground spray equipment (including air blast, compressed air, ground boom, hose-end and hydraulic sprayers). The spray volume used is dependent on the size of the plants being treated, with larger plants requiring greater spray volumes.

Coverage of ornamentals with hard-to-wet foliage may be improved by using an adjuvant to the spray mixture. Silwet 77 or Sylgard 309 at a rate of 4 ounces per 100 gallons of water has been found to be effective. As with any tank mixture, the compatibility and safety of any adjuvants should be tested in a small-scale trial prior to widespread use. NOTE: Do NOT use adjuvants in tank mixtures that will be applied to greenhouse tomatoes.


  • Do NOT apply Actuate SC more than two times in a single crop year.
  • Do NOT apply more than 32 fluid ounces of Actuate SC per acre in a single year.
  • Do NOT apply to greenhouse tomatoes within 3 days of harvest (3-day PHI).
  • Do NOT use adjuvants in tank mixtures that will be applied to greenhouse tomatoes.
  • Do NOT apply Actuate SC by aerial application.


When used as directed, this product is highly effective against mites while also being selectively non-injurious to beneficial and/or predaceous mites and insects. In addition, due to the active ingredient used in this product, mites that have developed resistance to commonly used products can be controlled through application of Actuate SC. Because of this, fewer miticide and/or insecticide applications may be needed for control and fewer resistance issues may arise.

Actuate SC is a Group 20D acaricide and is suitable for use in rotation with other miticides. This product has not been found to cause cross-resistance with other commercial miticides.

Actuate SC should be used in moderation in order to minimize the chances of pest resistance developing. The following strategies may be used to aid in preventing the development of resistance:

  • Be sure that the application thoroughly covers ALL the foliage.
  • Do NOT wait to apply until after a large pest population has been established. Scout regularly and apply Actuate SC when the first signs of pests are noticed.
  • Always apply this product as instructed by the label and using the specified application rates.
  • Make only one consecutive application of this product. Any application prior to and/or after application of Actuate SC should be made using an active ingredient that is not a Group 20D acaricide.
  • At least two non-Group 20D product applications should be made between Actuate SC treatments.
  • Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques in your insect control program.
  • Use biological control organisms appropriate for mite control in conjunction with this product. When used as directed, Actuate SC will not adversely affect populations of the beneficial/predacious mites and insects listed below. The following organisms may be used either in alternation or in conjunction with this product in order to potentially reduce the number of chemical applications:

Predatory Mites:


Amblyseius spp., Iphiseius degenerans, Neoseiulus spp., Phytoseiulus persimilis, Typhlodromus spp., Zetzellia spp.

Beneficial Insects:

Aphidius colemani, Aphidoletes aphidomyza, Chrysoperla carnea (Common Green Lacewing), Coccinella septempunctata, Cotesia marginiventris, Diglyphus isaea, Eretmocerus eremicus, Hippodamia convergens, Orius insidiosus (Insidious Pirate Bug), Stethorus punctum.


It is not possible for the manufacturer or seller to determine safety for all varieties of ornamental plants, tank-mix combinations and/or sequential pesticide treatments. It is strongly recommended that the applicator determine safe use by testing the exact tank mix desired on the ornamental varieties present by conducting a small-scale test prior to widespread use. The end user assumes responsibility for any and all risks or damage caused by application of this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Does Actuate SC kill bamboo?

Actuate SC will kill Bamboo Spider mites but not the plant itself. This product is just an insecticide. Bamboo is extremely stubborn, so it can take several steps to remove it completely. You can use RoundUp QuickPro at the highest listed usage rate to help eliminate bamboo. You will be required to cut the bamboo down to a short stump and then apply the Round Up QuickPro. It can take several applications to achieve the desired results.

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