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Advantage Fly Trap

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    Attracts More Flies than it Catches

    By Craig on 06/04/2016

    Best combination is to use this or other fly trap with a kill bait sitting on top of the trap; double whammy kill and trap . Unless you empty the trap every few days, it will attract more flies into the area than it can handle. Adding additional traps only compounds the problems. If you clean weekly, it is not enough. After a few days, it attracts flies by the thousands, actually making the fly problem worse and more concentrated. I live in a S Florida residential area, so finding the source of the flies is not possible. We have to much decaying vegetation and moisture, plus neighbors do not diligently pick up their dog feces and if they do pick the stuff up, they just leave it uncovered in their trash for flies to breed. Suggested improvements, make it clear so you can see what's going on inside, make it larger so it holds more water, make it a top down entry only to increase the inside area for more dead flies. The cheap fly trap bags are just as effective, you can see what's going on inside, they're easy to dispose and you don't have to clean them out, just bag and toss them. I'm glad I only bought one advantage fly trap.

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    Advantage Fly Trap

    By Susan on 03/20/2015

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    It was easy to set up, but it has only captured a few flies. I still have lots of flies that fly in a square outside my front and back doors.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    If you are not catching many flies, you may want to try varying the trap placement. We recommend hanging fly traps about 30 feet away from the home since it will attract flies. You should also try to hang traps in a bright, sunny area with little wind. You can also vary the height to determine if hanging the trap slightly higher or lower is more effective.

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    By Shawn on 09/19/2020

    I was expecting more out of this trap but am disappointed. I purchased the flies be gone bag trap along with this one and put both out. The flies be gone trap has so many more flies in it.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)