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Carol from Apison, Tn writes

After applying Milky Spore Powder, should Japanese Beetles continue to be sprayed with an insecticide or killed after the application or is it better to let them multiply? Will be applying under grape vines and rose bushes in the Spring and usually collect gallons of beetles without spraying.


Milky Spore Powder is labeled to target Grubs (Japanese Beetle Larvae), before they mature into beetles. Once grubs are infected they will multiply the Spore by several billion times and spread it further. Milky Spore will not control Japanese Beetles so a residual insecticide would be recommended for the adult beetle control.  The best time to apply the product for beetle control is in the Fall after grub eggs have hatched and when the grubs are young and actively feeding. If you are applying between February and late Spring and the grubs are not feeding consistently, the application may take longer to spread. Applications of Milky Spore should be applied using the Lawn Dispenser Tube.  If the grapes are not harvested or consumed, Talstar P would be a recommended insecticide to apply in April/May for Japanese beetles. This product can be applied to lawns, bushes, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.  For edibles or fruit that is harvest or grown for consumption, Pyganic Gardening would be a safe option for vegetables, crops, fruits, herbs, etc. 

Answer last updated on: 02/10/2021

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