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    Not a great B&G alternative for the price

    By Tim on 02/24/2021

    We tried one of these for our Pest Control business as an alternative to B&G. We were told that parts were interchangeable with B&G parts. Well, they are not. If you need a single part for these sprayers, you have to order a whole kit with other things you don't need. I think the tank on these are not as insulated as B&G tanks. Using this sprayer side by side with the trusty B&G on a super cold day, the sprayer tip on the Airofog was constantly freezing within a couple minutes while the B&G did not. This led me to think the tank water in the Airofog to be colder from being less insulated as both sprayers were filled at the same time and exposed to the cold for the same time. I do like the pressure relief valve feature for opening the tank safely. Overall, I don't think this is the good alternative to the superior B&G that we wanted it to be. Especially for the same price. Better to go with the old trusty B&G

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