AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O

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AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

1 Review | 7 Q&A

Product Overview

Brand has changed to Omni but it is the exact same product.

Omni Imidacloprid 2F T&O previously known as AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O uses Imidacloprid (22.6%) as the active ingredient. Imidacloprid can provide great control of target pests when it is applied prior to, or during, the time these pests are laying eggs. This control comes from the residual activity that AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O provides. Use your own observations of insect activity (either current activity or historic activity) to determine the need for an application. The best control of target pests will come about when Omni Imidacloprid 2F T and O is applied prior to hatching of eggs and the application in followed by enough water (through irrigation or rainfall) to move the active ingredient into the plant.

This is a systemic product that will move up into the plant system after being absorbed by the roots. Place Omni  Imidacloprid 2F T and O near to the portion of the plant that is growing so the chemical can be absorbed. Use a fertilizer containing nitrogen, where it applies, in the solution to enhance the intake of the active ingredient by the plant. Applications can be foliar or soil applications (drenches, broadcast spray, drenches, etc.). A foliar application will provide local systemic activity.

Omni Imidacloprid 2F T and O is an insecticide for foliar and systemic insect control in turfgrasses (including sod farms), landscape ornamentals, fruit and nut trees, and interior plantscapes.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 22.6%
Target pests Larvae of: Annual bluegrass weevil, Asiatic garden beetle, Billbugs, Black turfgrass ataenius, Cutworms (suppression), European chafer, European Crane Fly, Green June beetle, Japanese beetle, Northern masked chafer, Oriental beetle, Phyllophaga spp., Southern masked chafer, Chinchbugs (suppression), Mole crickets
Adelgids, Aphids, Japanese beetles, Lace bugs, Leaf beetles (including elm and viburnum leaf beetles), Leafhoppers (including glassy-winged sharp-shooter), Leafminers, Mealybugs, Psyllids, Sawfly larvae, Thrips (suppression), Whiteflies, and others
See Label for complete list
For use in Turfgrass (Including Sod Farms), Landscape Ornamentals, Fruit and Nut Trees, Interior Plantscapes, and others
See label for complete list
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
CT, MA, MD, NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 9.69 lbs
Manufacturer Amtide
EPA Registration 83851-13
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    AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T

    By George on 10/03/2012

    Verified Purchase

    bought gallon jugs. Item was shipped out immediatly and very well packed for shipment. I was concerned that instructions would not include my application instructions for Hemlock tree infestation. fears were unfounded as all types of applications and directions for dosage were clearly marked and explained. The liquid was easy to mix with the required water and applied without any problem. There are 2 lbs of Imidaclopid in every gallon which makes Amtide a very cost effective product to use. Effectiveness is measured in seasonal years, so I can't comment on the effectiveness as it was just applied. Really liked the ease of mixing a liquid instead of a power.

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Questions & Answers

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I used AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O to treat for emerald ash borer, it rained 3 hr after i put it on

i soaked the roots with 25 gallons of solution for a six foot in diameter tree. about three hours later it rained for 12 hours straight. will i need to start over?

No rain will not effect AmTide Imidacloprid 2F. If anything it would have helped to soak in better.

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How much water do I use when mixing AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O to treat emerald ash borer?

Per the instructions on the product label for AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O when treating for Emeral Ash Borers:

0.1 to 0.4 fl. oz. (3 to 12 mL) per inch of trunk diameter (D.B.H.) You may use the higher rate (0.3-0.4 fl. oz.) only for trees >15 inches (DBH) to control Asian longhorned beetle, Emerald ash borer, Eucalyptus longhorned borer, Bronze birch borer and Alder borer. Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is measured at 4.5 feet from the ground. 

Soil Drench: Uniformly apply the dosage in no less than 10 gallons of water per 1000 square feet as a drench around the base of the tree, directed to the root zone. Remove plastic or any other barrier that will stop solution from reaching the root zone.

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Can AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O be applied by method of tree injection?
No, the AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O product label only gives application instructions to trees via soil injections or soil drenches.

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Will 1 gallon of AmTide Imidacloprid 2F cover 3.5 acres when targeting Japanese Beetles?

I have a pull-behind 45 gallon sprayer.


When using AmTide Imidacloprid 2F to target Japanese Beetles you need to use a rate between 19.2 to 25.6 fluid ounces per acre. For 3.5 acres using between 67.2 to 89.6 fluid ounces will be sufficient. Please see the product label for complete application instructions. If you need anymore information on Japanese Beetles, please visit our Japanese Beetle Control page.

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What size is AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O?
AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O is sold in 1 gallon containers.

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AmTide Imidacloprid 2F T and O 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4 (1 Reviews / 7 Q&A)

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