Animal Graspers

Animal graspers are specially designed tongs attached to a sturdy pole that can help to contain cats and other similarly sized animals. They keep the animal handler safe, but also pose less of a risk to the animal versus other animal control tools. We sell Tomahawk animal graspers so you can be sure you are using high quality tools for your animal rescue and animal control needs.

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A 38 inch heavy duty animal grasper with super tube and jaw cushions.
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Allows for humane handling of cats and similar sized animals.
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A 28 inch standard animal grasper with jaw cushions.
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A 28 inch heavy duty animal grasper with super tube and with jaw cushions.
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A 38 inch standard nylon animal grasper.
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A 28" Nylon Animal Grasper.
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Model GRC - 1 Pair Replacement Rubber Jaw Cushions for Tomahawk animal graspers.
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Model ADR-CP4 - 4' Dual Release Catch Pole
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Model ADR-CP3 - 3' Dual Release Catch Pole
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Model ADR-CP5 - 5' Dual Release Catch Pole

About Animal Graspers

Animal graspers, or animal tongs, are the perfect alternative to the noose-ended catchpoles often used for dogs, since catchpoles cannot be used on cats or small animals because the risk of strangulation or injury is too high to justify the use.

  • Animal graspers have a mechanism in the handle that allow the operator to control pressure and grip, and provides quick release when needed.
  • Soft grips can be added (or are included) on the tongs that provide comfort and also make it easier to handle kittens and other small animals.
  • The tongs do not tighten completely, so the risk of injury is much lower. However there is still a risk, especially when cats and other animals are very agitated and might be moving violently while constrained.
  • There are many other ways and other tools to restrain or capture cats and similarly sized animals, so animal graspers should really be reserved for times when it is absolutely necessary.

How To Use Animal Graspers

Even though animal graspers carry less risk of injury to the animals, it is still important to know how to use this tool well before you try it out. Here are some ways to use this tool, and what to avoid.

  • This tool is best used when the animal cannot be reached by hand or must be removed immediately, like in a small, close space. An animal grasper can secure and transport the cat a short distance into a cage or to wrap it in a towel.
  • You should never use this tool to carry an animal with. It is best used for containment or quick retrieval. It can be placed on the neck or under legs.
  • It is important not to exert too much force when containing an animal. Cats in particular may thrash violently when captured, and the jaws of the tongs can hurt the cat.
  • Animal graspers should be used with caution and in conjunction with other animal control tools, like nets, animal cages, and animal carriers.

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